12 AutoPools

0.1 ETH Registration

0.1 ETH Direct Income

768+ ETH Earning


Donate 0.1 ETH earn 768+ ETH

  • Attractive direct income
  • 12 Super auto pool income
  • Infinite time limit

No Hacking

  • Secured System.
  • Decentralized
  • Transparent

Entry with 0.1 ETH

  • Registration with 0.1 ETH
  • Buy pool 1 with 0.1 ETH
  • Do unlimited direct referrals

Detailed note

  • Start referring members, get 0.1 for direct referral
  • Enter in pools and get donations
  • Get pool income on first come and first serve basics
About UltraSpace

How to start one line Worldwide Autopool ?

Let’s Start Unstoppable UltraSpace

UltraSpace Startup Amount : 0.1 ETH

Instant P2P multi payments

Startup Amount instantly distributed according to smart contract protocols as direct income above the joined users according to Line of sponsors.

Superfast & passive marketing plan
  • Level 1 : 22% i.e. 0.022 ETH.
  • Level 2 : 12% i.e. 0.012 ETH.
  • Level 3 : 5% i.e 0.0005 ETH.
  • Level 4 to 100 : 0.5% i.e 0.005 ETH.

How it Works

WorldWide One Line Autopool
  • WorldWide One line (Single-line) structure.
  • Every new user will be placed under previous joined user according to Autopool Entry amount transaction ’Timestamp.’
  • Timestamp : It is recorded by the Ethereum Blockchain that gives the received time of the respective transactions.
  • One Line : Every new user pays entry amount to previous joined user 100% from user’s wallet to user’s wallet. (Pee to peer )
  • Real WorldWide Autopool : One line Autopool structure is irrespective to referral line or sponsors line. Hence this is real One line WorldWide Autopool system gives opportunity to earn passive income by WorldWide growth of Unstoppable UltraSpace
  • Pool Entry Protocols : Autopool 1 to 12 entry protocols are deployed and written on smart contract code.
  • Every New user starts from Autopool 1. It’s mandatory to enter new Autopool in connective way.
  • Autopool one line structure is based on first enter first get paid protocol.
  • To enter Autopools 1-4 : No Direct Referral necessary
    Autopools 5-8 : 1 Direct Referral necessary
    Autopools 9-12 : 2-3 Direct Referral necessary

Referral Income

UltraSpace is having 10 Global AutoPools.One line Autopool structure is irrespective to referral line. Every New user placed under each other and pays to previous user at AutoPool available at serial Number One.Autopool system gives opportunity to earn passive income by global growth of Unstoppable "UltraSpace"



Worldwide One line autopool is connected to each other in consecutive way. From 1 to 12 Auopools multiply your 0.1 ETH to 15 ETH

Entry ETH World Wide Users Total ETH Total Profit
1 0.12 2*0.1 = 0.2 ETH 0.2 ETH
2 0.33 3*0.3 = 0.9 ETH 0.3 ETH
3 0.5 3 3*0.5 = 1.5 ETH 1.5 ETH
4 13 3*1 = 3 ETH 3 ETH
5 23 3*2 = 6 ETH 6 ETH
6 4 3 3*4 = 12 ETH 12 ETH
7 83 3*8 = 24 ETH 24 ETH
8 163 3*16 = 48 ETH 48 ETH
9 323 3*32 = 96 ETH 96 ETH
10 643 3*64 = 192 ETH 192 ETH
11 1283 3*128 = 384 ETH 384 ETH
12 2563 3*256 = 768 ETH 768 ETH

How AutoPool Works ?

UltraSpace is having 12 Worldwide AutoPools. One line Autopool structure is irrespective to referral line. Every New user placed under each other and pays to previous user at AutoPool available at serial Number One.Autopool system gives opportunity to earn passive income by worldwide growth of Unstoppable ‘Worldwide’


Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Fees 0.1 ETH is instantly paid to your direct sponsor.
Worldwide One Line Autopool is one Worldwide network based on first enter first Join Basis.
Total 12 Worldwide Autopools in the system.
Yes, You can enter at any Autopool after registration. Just check required direct referral conditions.Maximum you need 3 directs to eligible for Autopool 12.
Your account remain active in the system forever, and you will get Referral Income from entire team. you may enter next Autopool anytime you wants.
Total 768 ETH you will get after 12th Autopool.
No, if you want you can continue with next pool.
Autopool Entry is manual and user controlled process.
As you need to click on Enter Pool button and sign-in entery Amount Transactions.
YES, YOUR FUND IS SAFE as it's always Stored on Decentralized ETHEREUM Wallets like TRUST WALLET or METAMASK
Yes, Definitely. As UltraSpace is Worldwide One Line Autopool Decentralized Open Source Smart Contract System. Every New User who Joins after you falls under you in one (Uni/Mono) line. Personal Invitation or Recruitment gives you additional Opportunity to earn Referral Income 0.1 ETH.
Yes,You will be Register under Systems Referral link.

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